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Properly prepared smooth surfaces, sharp edges, and straight lines are some of the visible signs of a top quality commercial or house-painting project. Truly great custom painting combines excellent communication, thorough preparation, and finely crafted finish work.

At Steve's Custom Painting, our professionalism combines a systematic approach and thorough attention to detail to deliver the beautiful, long-lasting custom painting results you expect. This approach may take a bit longer, but over the years we've learned that this strict attention to process, quality, and craftsmanship results in the fine quality finishes that will make you proud. Your home or workspace will be protected and invitingly beautiful for years to come!

• Our Residential Painting and Commercial Painting Process

Steve's Custom Painting takes the time and effort to make certain your custom painting project provides your home or business with a terrific look. We apply all the necessary tools, materials, and processes to provide long lasting protection to maintain that beauty for years to come.

Our thorough, precise, and proven process includes:

• Preparation

Before we begin with a single brush stroke, we completely prepare all surfaces to ensure longevity and amazing results.

Set up and protect - All furniture is moved to a safe space and covered. We also cover every floor, furnishing, and fixture to create a clean and safe working environment. When we are welcomed into your home or business, we understand that you may have things in a certain place for a reason. We respect that and make every possible effort to leave things as they are. If we move anything in order to finish your project we will return it to its rightful place upon completion.

• Scrape - Remove loose paint by hand scraping.

• Patch and Fill Holes - Holes and voids are filled with proper compounds.

• Sand - Properly sand patched areas and feather sand edges where scraping has produced a ridge.

• Texture - Re-texture patched areas to match existing texture.

• Prime - Spot prime patched and textured surfaces with the appropriate primers.

• Caulk - Windows and door frames to ensure a properly sealed substrate.

• Painting

We use professional techniques and tools to deliver you a clean, even finish that protects and adds character to your space.

• Paint - We use two full coats of only top quality paints for a superior look and long-lasting custom painting finish

• Finish - Keep corners sharp, lines straight, and decorative painting consistent.

• Clean - Maintain jobsite cleanliness before, during, and after the painting project is complete.

• Communication and Inspection

We keep you updated through every step of your project through emails, telephone, and even text messages.

• Manage - Professionally oversee your project from start to finish, ensuring it meets your expectations in terms of quality, cost, and time till completion.

• Inform - Keep you informed on your project status and address any questions or concerns you might have.

• Inspect - Thoroughly survey the painting project to ensure your complete satisfaction.


I will never have to look for another painter!

I am a commercial property manager and was in search of a paint contractor that would: 1 - return my phone calls. 2 - show up as scheduled. 3 - provide the service as agreed upon. 4 - clean up and follow up. 5 - polite, professional and accommodating. 6 - fair pricing. I found all of these qualities in Steve's Custom Paint. I will never have to look for another painter! Thank you Steve's Painting

Lori Troyer November 30, 2017


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